Brocks Gameplay

Basic Rules

  1. Win the game, by building patterns with blocks.
  2. The glowing squares make a pattern.
  3. Remove blocks, leaving only blocks in the glowing squares.
  4. That's it!

Sequence 01_1

Glass blocks break when they sustain significant damage from other falling blocks.
Like glass blocks, snow blocks also break when damaged. They break easily.
TNT Blocks explode, pushing all unobstructed surrounding blocks. TNT Blocks automatically explode after sustaining significant damage.
Pistons allow you to push blocks. Pistons can not be destroyed, but do not make up part of the end pattern. Pistons can not push other pistons, or blocks that are obstructed by another block.

Brocks ScreenshotBrocks ScreenshotBrocks ScreenshotBrocks Screenshot

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